Birmingham Transitional Townhome

Photography by Martin Vecchio


This entire bathroom renovation was inspired by one brief conversation with the homeowner where she simply said, “I want to feel how I feel when I’m home in Florida.” Upon delving in further, we found that her home in Naples was surrounded by the ocean and reflecting into the home’s interior, creating a subtle blue tone in much of the home. Utilizing stone and paint with cool tones, we were able to bring in this subtle, calming blue tone, while still maintain a fresh but classic, neutral aesthetic.


Photography by Martin Vecchio

Photography by Martin Vecchio

Layers of carrara marble adorn the floors and walls in different forms. Larger 12”x24
marble tiles were used throughout the main floor to visually widen the space of this otherwise narrow bathroom, whereas smaller tiles were used on the walls to bring in more variation and texture. The star of the show is the custom marble and shell mosaic featured on the main shower wall and niches, as well as the feature wall behind the sculptural, freestanding tub. Carrara marble chair rail mouldings were used to frame this exquisite, artful mosaic.

Immediately outside the bathroom, we transformed a previous morning bar into a makeup vanity where she could sit to apply makeup and do her hair. Both the bathroom vanity and makeup vanity feature a light quartzite countertop, which reflects a soft light up to the face. Above the bathroom vanity, additional mirrored door cabinets provide convenient storage.

Lighting was a challenge in the space as there are no windows anywhere in the vicinity. We employed mirrors, reflective surfaces, and bright materials to bounce light around and maximize the natural light provided by the one skylight. With its refined palette, sophisticated stone work, and polished accents, this tranquil retreat still provides ample visual interest.

Photography by Martin Vecchio

Though ‘her’ master bath really took center stage in this project, we also updated the kitchen, upstairs laundry, and converted the lower level gym into a multi-functional space that now serves as a laundry/crafting room, with the occasional treadmill session!

Where do you hide your cleaning supplies and line dry items??

This project was a fantastic collaboration with Meg Corley Interiors

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